Develop an Alexa Skill in Multiple Languages for stopping pandemic

Alexa スキルの紹介, 多言語対応多言語対応

What can I do for stopping pandemic?

My answer was to develop an Alexa Skill in Multiple Languages for encouraging Kids or others to wash their hands with joyful song.

This skill's name is "Hands Wash" in English.

In addition, there are "lavati le mani" for Italy, "Lave t'es mains!" for France, "Wasche deine Hände" for Germany and "手洗いの時間" for Japan.

name Country URL
Hands Wash! US/GB/IN/AU/CA
Lavati le mani! IT
Lave t'es mains! FR/CA
Wasche deine Hände GE
手洗いの時間 JP

Washing your hands for 30 secs is effective to defeat virus. This skill provides you and your kids 30 secs music, "Happy Birthday To You". So, any kids can wash their hands while singing joyfully!

1. Wet hands with water. 2. Apply enough soap to cover all hand surfaces. 3. Rub hands palm to palm. 4. Right palm over left hand, interlaced fingers. And vice versa. 5. Palm to palm, fingers interlaced. 6. Back of fingers to opposing palms, fingers interlocked. 7. Rotational rubbing of right and left thumbs. 8. Rotational rubbing with clasped fingers, in palm. 9. Rinse hands with water. 10. Dry thoroughly with a towel. Minumum 20 seconds.

source: World Health Organization

Give it a try 😉

Let's beat the virus and get health!

How to use

Just say, "Alexa, [SKILL NAME]!".

Skill Name is listed above by country.

Please refer below YouTube video.




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